Day 3 Vic Tas Synod 2016

Day 3 Synod: Morning Sessions:
UAICC report by Ken Sumners:
Called the church for ongoing covenanting relationship adopted by earlier council decision and reminded the Synod of that responsibility by posing the question Are we really a post colonial systems and or structures? Are we really reflect the spirit of the covenanting committed to by our church? Where are we with that conversation and should we be doing more to break down structures that not within the spirit of that covenanting.
Invited the synod to Narana, as a way of connecting with the story and life of the UIACC victoria. Challenged the synod into reimagining the covenanting relationship.
Wesley Mission, Report
Report of the proud history the Wesley mission in addressing the social issues faced by the community. Wesley invited to join newly organisation, under UnitingCare Vic for a number of reasons. The Board considered their position in light of current, and future challenges and discerned that it is in the best interest of the Wesley Mission to maintain its current mission and to ensure that this will be the case going into the future in light also of  requirements for a sustainable organisation. Joined the project in March, legacy rich and vision  that is will survive with in this newly created organisation.
 Merged with the Uniting Care
Uniting Housing Victoria.
Managing a stock of supported housing. Question of sustainability and assessing how might that be achieved attract ongoing attention of the group, committed to the ministry of providing social housing, Clear area of needs, welfare, need for secure accommodation going into the future. Relatively small stock, but still very effective in the work they are doing. Demonstrated plan for or model of housing utilising church properties, buildings to address social housing issues.
Overarching question for the Synod to consider, Should we as organisation be involved in social housing? Unfortunately no time allocated for this conversation to take place even though a question was put to that effect. Maybe Business Committee will reallocate this for further discussion later in the day.
Commission for Mission Report
Period of uncertainly due MSR and other challenges facing by the church at the present climate. Renewal of the church is not about church being the subject of the renewal but it is all about the world, addressing powerlessness of the world. Main work of the CFM is to partner and resource the church for the work of the church in the world –  “crossing borders without disregarding boundaries” The work of the commission may have some impact due the new reconfigured governance under MSR review.
Bible Study: Rev Dr Sally Douglas
Woman Wisdom Sofia from Proverbs and Intertestamental texts. Jesus is imaged as ‘woman wisdom’ Jesus is wisdom. Matt 11,
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